F# Community Hero

Ive been meaning to write this post for ages but Ive only just found the time.

On the 3rd of September my good friend Ryan Riley (aka @panesofglass) emailed me letting me know I had won a Community for F# hero award for 2015!

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Reckoning day

Microsoft MVP

Ive finally been awarded a Microsoft MVP its been quite a long time coming. Ive been nominated for MVP every year since July 2011 but until now I have been unsuccessful. On the 1st of July I received an email congratulating me that I had been successful on my MVP nomination.

I am now officially a Microsoft Most Valued Professional!

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Sit down, strap in, and prepare for take off, we’re going Meta-Matic!

We’re going to be exploring some metaprogramming magic in F#. Transforming its abstract syntax tree (AST) into another languages AST before executing it in another virtual machine, Exciting!!

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Are you my type?

Did you know there was more to the type matching operator than just pattern matching and exception handling?

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One day you'll walk alone

One thing I never really thought about a great deal before was the term ‘on-line’ friends and what it might or might not mean. I mean what does that really mean? Are they just actual friends or just “on-line” friends?

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Dioptric Dilemmas Of The Third Kind

After enjoying owning a 150mm refractor telescope for a year, I decided I wanted to upgrade.

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Terror From The Deep

So this is my Christmas special. I’ve been asked on numerous times to write about the F# addin for Xamarin studio which is in the fsharpbinding repo, this repo is shared with the emacs support and also the Sublime Text support. So in this edition we will be taking a deep dive into the terrifying deep depths of the F# compiler and F# addin development…

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I saw my reflection and cried ...

While I was visiting Boston earlier in the year I had the misfortune of kicking myself in the teeth with reflection. It’s something all programmers inevitably go through with reflection API’s as they are inherently untyped, a simple typo can leave you tearing out your hair or punching through your monitor! Yeah there’s things the horizon that will help namely the nameof expression in C#6 which should help in some areas, that’s if your willing to pay the price of using C#, but I wont go into that here :-). In F# we can leverage Type Providers fairly easily to wrap API usages in cases that we are interested in, or even create a general usage with a little more effort.

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Flux Compression (redux)

First of all the title, redux because I’m revising post I started on earlier in the year, compression because this has to do with compression, and Flux, which is also part of the redux, one of the first things I remember writing on the net was an article about Flux Compression Generators on H2G2, its still there too!

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As Free As a Bird

Wow its been a long time since I wrote anything!

For those of you visiting here may be pleased to know that I’m finally getting round to writing again, but before a post with any real content I just wanted to mention a few things.

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