I Saw My Reflection and Cried …

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While I was visiting Boston earlier in the year I had the misfortune of kicking myself in the teeth with reflection. It’s something all programmers inevitably go through with reflection API’s as they are inherently untyped, a simple typo can leave you tearing out your hair or punching through your monitor! Yeah there’s things the horizon that will help namely the nameof expression in C#6 which should help in some areas, that’s if your willing to pay the price of using C#, but I wont go into that here :–). In F# we can leverage Type Providers fairly easily to wrap API usages in cases that we are interested in, or even create a general usage with a little more effort.

Flux Compression (Redux)

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First of all the title, redux because I’m revising post I started on earlier in the year, compression because this has to do with compression, and Flux, which is also part of the redux, one of the first things I remember writing on the net was an article about Flux Compression Generators on H2G2, its still there too!


As Free as a Bird

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Wow its been a long time since I wrote anything!

For those of you visiting here may be pleased to know that I’m finally getting round to writing again, but before a post with any real content I just wanted to mention a few things.

Anything You Can Do …

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For any of you that are aware of the newly updated Xamarin Web site, you may have seen the following:

Objective-C was ahead of its time 30 years ago. C# is ahead of its time today. Anything you can do in Objective-C or Java, you can do in C# with Xamarin—usually more succinctly and with fewer bugs.

What is also true is that F# is way ahead of its time, and you can produce even more succinct code with even fewer bugs than C#!

Xamarin 3 F# Awesomeness

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With the release of Xamarin 3 we have a swathe of new features to the platform, but obviously the most important one is obviously F# support is now included by default in Xamarin Studio so there is no escape from the awesomeness of F#!

So what else have we got, well loads of other goodies too like Xamarin Designer for iOS, Xamarin.Forms, Major IDE enhancements, Improved code sharing with PCL and Shared projects, and BCL Documentation. You can see the release blog post here: announcing Xamarin 3

There are tons of things I could show you, but for this post lets have a quick look at Xamarin.Forms

35 Days Later

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After choosing to not surf the seas of Twitter, am I any less current in the world of F#, did I miss anything important that a real-time stream would of alerted me to?

Adding Touch to SpriteKit

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Only a quick post this week. Last time we looked at SpriteKit and how to add some particle emmiters to simulate a star-field and exhaust on a spaceship, this time lets look at adding some touch based input to move the spaceship around.

Spritekit Particle Fun

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I have been meaning to write this post for quite a while now. Since the first announcement of the iOS7 beta I immediately saw the list of new API’s and SpriteKit caught my eye straight away. I only managed to get time to briefly look over the API and saw that is wasn’t the usual trashy API with a million method overloads, internal mutation sucker punch type thing. It seems to be very declarative and intuitive, which makes for a nice change.